Pursuit of Happiness

Adventure Log 6/25/10

The adventurers rested in the room where they had killed the howler the night before. When they awoke, it was to two startling revelations; the first was that Saesys was gone. The second was that they had seemingly transported in their sleep to another dungeon; this dungeon was obviously constructed by man, with smooth stone floors, and reinforced walls. A quick search of the room turned up Saesys’ silver conclave medallion, given to him by Tietan, with a note attached to it. Kaes was able to decipher it, finding out that it read “You too shall perish.” It was signed by someone named Shiel, though the name was not familiar to anyone in the party.

The continued searching also revealed a 4 foot-long lizard-like creature on the ceiling. Wisley decided to wave at it, for whatever reason, which caused the Flamebrother Salamander to unstrap the concealed spear from his back, and jump to the floor, engaging the party in combat. The fight went smoothly, with the group easily dispatching the salamander. Upon searching his body, the party found pouches with 1300 silver pieces, and three scrolls – one with the holy symbol of Olidammara, one with the holy symbol of Corellon Lorethian, and one with the holy symbol of Pelor. Wisley and Kaes attempted to identify the scrolls just by sight, but were only able to identify one; the scroll with the symbol of Corellon Lorethian was revealed to be a scroll of Magic Fang.

After the party dispatched the salamander, they headed to the door at the north of the room. Chienne checked the door for traps, but she seemed to have missed something. When she announced the door clear, Vardikan opened the door, only to have the floor give out underneath him, revealing a 10-foot deep spiked pit. He was able to jump out of the way just in the nick of time, and he carefully made his way down the corridor. When he entered the room, he could hear a familiar voice screaming for help from the opposite end of the corridor. Thanks to a quick light spell from Wisley, they were able to recognize the face of Saesys, trapped behind iron bars. However, Chienne noticed something off…the Saesys behind the cage seemed to be wearing some sort of medallion.

Interrogation revealed that ‘Saesys’ was actually a quasit demon, which the party attempted to trap in the room with the spiked pit; but the quasit was able to go invisible, and teleport into the other room. When the party left the room, Wisley felt the demon’s claws cut a gash into his back; turning around, he was able to swiftly hit the quasit, followed by a very well placed strike by Vardikan, killing the quasit where he stood. Kaes and Wisley healed up the party’s wounds, and the continued on.

An archway to the west led to a room with thirteen small Fiendish Centipedes crawling around the floor. Vardikan came up with the idea to throw the corpse of the salamander into the room to distract the centipedes, allowing them to cross into the room undisturbed. While the centipedes were otherwise occupied, the party decides to search the rest of the room. Behind a fountain, Kat spots a wooden chest. Chienne is able to pick the lock, and they find 300 gold pieces, a blue gem – that Chienne identifies as Azurite – and a very good quality crossbow and dart.

Wisley decides to dig through some rubble on the south wall, revealing a trap door. Meanwhile, Vardikan, Chienne, Kaes and [[:katherine-kat | Kat], were walking down a corridor to the north, the walls lined with purple and green fungi, and a horrible, piercing shrieking sound coming from within the walls. When Vardikan tried to investigate, the fungus sprouted tentacles, grappling him. He was able to break free and cut the tentacles, and they quickly retreated back to the room where Wisley was waiting with the trap door. The trap door led into a labyrinth, and the party decided that they would rather deal with the fungus, and moved into the corridor with the fungus.

This led to a room with an altar, 2 caskets, and a fountain. Vardikan walked in to investigate, but he somehow missed the carapace of a Huge Fiendish Centipede sticking out from behind a casket. Wisley used a scroll of Spidder Climb that he had, and was able to scale the walls, putting him safely out of the centipede’s reach. Once safe, he was able to cast Enlarge Person on Vardikan, at the same time that he was going into a rage, making him stronger than anything that the party had ever experienced before. With a super-sized, super-strength Vardikan, the party dispatched the centipede quickly, and a search of the room revealed absolutely nothing. The party continued to the south, into a room with more small centipedes. Using their previous tactic, Vardikan threw the corpse from the huge centipede into the room, and the small centipedes started feasting. There was an archway to the west, leading to an empty room, with a sole bat perched in the corner of the ceiling.

Kat fires a lucky arrow, and is able to hit the bat, with the hopes of getting it out of the way before it attacked them; unexpectedly, though, the bat transforms mid-fall, into a vampire. Wisley and Kaes both attempt to turn him away, but their attempts are futile, and the vampire is unaffected. The vampire flies up quickly and slams into Wisley, dealing a massive blow to him. He then turns and deals a similar blow to Vardikan, but thankfully, neither one of them were affected by the undead’s energy drain. Eventually, the party was able to kill the vampire, but not before taking quite a hurting.

Chienne checks the other door in the room for traps, and finds one; a Glyph of Warding on the door, that will explode in a burst of acid if the door is touched. Wisley comes up with the plan to stand back, forming a barrier with their shields, and have Katherine (Kat) fire an arrow at the door, triggering the trap. It works, and they move through the door unaffected. The next corridor leads to one more room. Again, Chienne finds a trap on the door, but she is also able to find a hidden switch built into the floor, allowing them to bypass the trap.

They are confronted with a Barbazu, wielding a flaming glaive. He starts attacking mercilessly, dealing three nearly deadly blows to Wisley – two with his glaive, and one with his beard; Vardikan took quite a bit of damage as well, but eventually the party was able to fell the demon. Searching his lair, they found 100 gold pieces, a good quality lock, a set of Thieves’ Tools (which were quickly absconded by Chienne), a small whip, and a fiddle. They also found a staircase, leading up to a swirling red portal, not unlike the one that they were led into this dungeon by.

Story So Far

Saesys, Kaes, and Vardikan met the Dark Elf Dailian, after their prison break. Dailian seems to recognize Saesys, though Saesys has never met Dailian. Dailian mentions the mysterious dungeon that Saesys had woken up in, and convinces the party to follow her. After facing a shadow in the streets – which Kaes was able to channel the will of Pelor to turn – they follow her to a well-lit cave in the woods outside of the town, where they meet Tietan and Wysley for the first time, and Saesys is reunited with Kat and Chienne; it was there that they learned about the god Helix, and the cult that he is amassing, as well as his plan to overtake the Throne of Elysium. They all received their indoctrination into the conclave, and their medallions as well.

After a good night’s rest at the inn, they went into a dungeon of Tietan’s creation. They are quickly learning the dangers of dungeoneering, having faced two howlers and a quasit, as well as a Fusillade of Darts. Vardikan used his half-orc strength to it’s full potential, nearly dispatching a howler in one hit. He has, however, nearly died twice, but thanks to the healing prowess of Kaes and Wysley, was able to survive. Wysley currently is stuck with two howler quills, and Vardikan with four, but they are in a safe place, for the time being.


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