Kaes Shalaraes

Abdicated elven princess turned cleric


Kaes uses a long bow and a MW mace given to her by her neutral good god, Pelor. Besides her AC of 18, nothing else about her to too threatening or outstanding, but she’s changing that with ranks she’s taking. Kaes’ strong points are healing and diplomacy. She isn’t the one you lean on in a fight, but she can definitely turn some undead.


She is 119 1/2 years old, she is about 5’5”, with dark wavy hair. She has fair skin that looks like delicate porcelain. She was born with green eyes, but through Pelor’s power, she was given extraordinary violet eyes the color of lilacs,that seem to glow darkly when she is angry and sparkle like diamonds in the sun when she is happy.

Kaes was an elven princess, ready to take over for her father as the only heir to his throne. She was the perfect daughter, princess, and diplomat, she couldn’t have been more. She had one flaw, however. She fell in love with a halfling and they planned to get married. The night they were to meet, her lover was caught. Her father put him to death while she watched from a distance, not knowing it was her lover who died that night. A friend of hers rode out to her and told her what happened. Her friend said she must flee because her father wanted her executed as well.

Kaes struggled with the loss of her love until one day she met a cleric of Pelor. She fell in love with him and he with her. She had begun to hate her parents and her elven backgroud and so wanted to change it. The cleric taught her all he knew and she began to believe in his god, Pelor. Pelor was overcome with her devoutness to him and gave her his favored weapon, the mace. He also knew she hated her eyes more than anything because the emerald green reminded her of her mother, so he gave her violet eyes the color of twilight to help ease her pain.

Kaes’ lover died in battle and she vowed then to become a war priestess for Pelor.

Kaes Shalaraes

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