Saesys Pendrylor

human sorcerer with evident dragon blood


STR: 12(+1)
DEX: 16(+3)
CON: 17(+3)
INT: 13(+1)
WIS: 15(+2)
CHA: 18(+4)

HP: 14
AC: 13 (Touch: 13) (Flat-Footed: 11)

Base Attack: 1
Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +3
Will: +5
Special: +2 vs Paralysis, Sleep, Fire
Grapple: +2

Appraise: +5
Bluff: +8
Concentration: +7
Craft(Alchemy): +1
Knowledge (Arcana): +5
Proffession(-): +2
Spellcraft: +5

Intimidate: +2
Jump: +11
Spot: +2

Draconic Heritage
Gain dragonblood subtype (Red). Gain Appraise as Class Skill. Additionally, gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against magical paralysis, and sleep effects, and a +2 bonus on saving throws against any attacks with the Fire descriptor.
Dragon Wings
Gain a +10 racial bonus to Jump checks. Gain a glide speed of 30ft with average maneuverability. Negate damage from any fall, of any height, allowing 20ft of distance for every 5ft of descent. If the character becomes unconscious or helpless while midair, wings will automatically unfurl and stiffen. The character descends in a tight corkscrew, reducing damage from a fall to 1d6, no matter the distance.

Weapon: Crossbow (light)
Attack: +4 Damage: 1d8 Range: 80ft Crit: 19/20×2 Ammo: x40
Weapon: Shortspear
Attack: +2 Damage: 1d6+1 Range: 20ft Crit: x2
Weapon: Dagger
Attack: +2 Damage: 1d4+1 Range: 10ft Crit: 19/20×2

Pack mule
Saddle Bag
Bedroll (5lbs – saddlebag)
Rationsx10 (10lbs – saddlebag)
Waterskin (4lbs – saddlebag)
Fishing net (5lbs – saddlebag)
Sewing needle (—- saddlebag)
Spell Component Pouch (2lbs – carry)

GOLD: 1541.5


Character Name: Saesys Pendrylor
Race: Human (Draconic; Subtype: Dragonblood Red)
Class-Level: Sorcerer Lv2
EXP: 2625
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Bahamut
Size: Medium
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210lbs
Eye Color: Red-gold, faintly glowing
Hair Color: Copper-red
Other Physical: Pair of full-size, functional Red Dragon wings, often folded tightly to his back, but never concealed. Tiny red scales along cheekbones and at crown of forehead. Multiple piercings – two in each eyebrow, two in lower lip, several in each ear, hoop in side of nose. Tattoo of Bahamut’s crest on right hand.
Quirks and Personality: Indifferent, withdrawn, active attempts to do good often end in spectacular failure. Rarely smiles. Does not bother hiding his Draconic nature, in spite of being fully aware of the negative stigma of Red Dragon blood, even to the point of being accepting of this prejudice.
History: In the mountains to the North, thousands of years ago, a young Red Dragon had subjugated a small human village, with all that that entails. Years, decades, centuries, millenia passed, and the dragon, now an ancient wyrm, was finally vanquished by the Silver Dragon emissaries of the Great Platinum Dragon, Bahamut. Upon their victory, and descent into the village to spread the glad news, they discovered the ancient wyrm had left behind his legacy. A small child was amongst the villagers, eye shimmering with arcane red light, hair like spun copper, red scales decorating his innocent toddler’s face. The silver dragons debated amongst themselves. This young one was clearly many generations removed from the Red Dragon that was his ancestor, and might not be any danger… But any spawn of Tiamat and her Chromatic children should not be left to its own devices. In the end, the goodness of heart that is inherit in the Metallic dragons could not let them kill the child Saesys, and so they took him away to their mountaintop home, to the Temple of Bahamut, branding him as a servant to the Platinum Dragon, and raised him to combat his blood-borne evil, no matter how tiresome the battle became, or how easy it would be to simply fall prey to his nature. Saesys, as befitting the progeny of any draconic lineage, was gifted in the Arcane arts, and trained in sorcery. When he reached maturity, the dragons sent him out into the world, to see what he might, and to combat the forces of Tiamat, but even so, Saesys still struggles with the evil within him, and fears he may never be free from it.
Speech Style: Quiet, soft, often slightly mumbled.
Quote: “Is that so.”

Saesys Pendrylor

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