In Talik, a relatively peaceful world, a charismatic priest of a new god, Helix, has gained many converts to his religion. As such, the old gods are quickly losing power, as they lose followers to this new idol. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, something strange has begun to stir on the Astral Plane. It seems that all of the prayers and sacrifices to this false god have started to form and take shape into the golden idol that the residents of Talik have created; and the gods, in their weakened state, are powerless to stop it.

Helix has begun amassing reinforcements, using his ever-growing power to bring new demi-gods, demons, and other horrors into being, with the intent of waging war on the gods, and gaining his coveted spot on the throne of Elysium, where the current gods reside. The turmoil has found its way to Talik, as the gods are sending their avatars to Talik to fight off Helix’s demons, which are torturing and maiming their creations; however, Helix is gaining strength fast, and the avatars are quickly having the tables turned on them.

A conclave of priests, devout followers, and sages has been formed to aid the avatars in this war. Under the command of Vielir, a paladin of St. Cuthbert, the conclave has a rather strange way of building their army. Prospects are found in a multitude of ways; some actively seek out the conclave, and some are openly recruited; but this is not the norm. More often than not, their dream mage, Tietan, comes up with Increasingly creative ways to test prospects, including kidnapping them and putting them into dungeons – all carefully monitored by him, of course – to ‘test their mettle.’

Time is drawing short, and Helix’s demons are quickly gaining ground. It is in the hands of a few select groups of adventurers to join the ranks of the conclave – and of the true gods – and restore balance to Talik. However, there are not enough in the world powerful enough for what they are about to face. Much training will be necessary, and it won’t be easy. With Helix’s monstrosities lurking around every corner, death – and worse – are very much a reality for those who aid the conclave.

Pursuit of Happiness

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